How To Make Google Chrome Your Default Browser

You don’t have to put a computer out to pasture when it gets too old to competently run Windows. For the last few years, Neverware has offered the tools to transform old PCs into Chrome OS devices. However, this process wasn’t official until now.

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Safari is an excellent web browser for the iPhone but, for users that aren’t a fan of it, replacing it with something else is a piece of cake. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. A one-stop shop for all things video games. It looks like there’s a bug in the most recent version of macOS. In the upper-right corner, click the gear icon. In the Services section, click Address bar and search.

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In fact, you can install and use extensions designed for one browser on the other, that’s how similar they are. Once Chrome is installed, it’s run like any other program installed on your computer. For example, in Microsoft Windows, click the Chrome icon, or if the Chrome icon is not seen, click Start and type Chrome. Once you have installed Chrome on Ubuntu, you can search for it in the menu.

Opera: Clear Browsing Data

You’ll be asked whether you remember any recent passwords of your account. This helps prove that you’re not just running a bot in an attempt to gain access to someone else’s account. Open the Windows Explorer program and navigate to the folder path you noted in step 3 above.

Instead of going straight to the browser, Apple has it set up so you can access what you need via Settings represented by the Gear icon, likely on your main screen . Clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the browser will expand a menu where you can select History from the options presented. Within this dialogue, you have the option to click on Delete under Browsing History. You also have Settings and the option to Delete browsing history on exit. Another one you may not want to delete, initially, are the Passwords. If you opt to check that box, you may want to make sure that you have all of your passwords recorded elsewhere (unless you’re able to remember them).

That way, even if someone has access to your Google account, they cannot get the Chrome sync data without knowing the passphrase. Reset Google Chrome is not always as effective as you might think. Often, even the reset Chrome settings can not completely remove browser hijacker, adware and malware from the infected web-browser. So, we suggest to check your PC for any remaining malicious components with free removal programs below. Then click “Continue” button to go to the next step.

Click the drop down menu underneath the feature you wish to try. Once you’ve created a tab, simply left-click on the group name to close and open the group. Left-click on a tab, then shift-click on another tab to select a group . A recent addition to Chrome, Tab groups help you manage your clutter of tabs.