The Process of Developing a Digital Platform

In this article, I will talk about the process of designing searching for platform, and explain choosing a program for your business. The main big difference among a traditional product and a digital platform is that the former must delight buyers, while the other must delight its users. The key is to choose a platform based on the demands of your consumers. I’ll reveal to you a few techniques to accomplish this.

The growth stage is the most important. This phase is certainly where you focus on the activities of your existing users, while the ripening phase can be when you give attention to the added value of the users. The growth phase is the most troublesome and requires cautious planning. You need to make sure that the core capabilities of your platform are developed and created to attract fresh users, as the ripening period involves the binding of existing users.

The development process should integrate documented key points. The documents scheme originated based on Alexander (1979) and consists of five elements: the principle, it is associated style field, some, and the. The last 3 elements help you determine which usually patterns to implement. Throughout this phase, you must not begin implementing the patterns except if you’re certain of their application. After the first step, you can try with the following phase of your process.